Children and Babies

Many adulthood spinal problems start in childhood because spinal dysfunction and nerve irritation can occur at any age. Chiropractic improves spinal function and increases the body’s ability to heal naturally.

Infants may suffer spinal dysfunction from the birth process, bumps, falls, and the strain of holding their head up.

Children suffer various injuries from slips, falls, sports, and more. They may have improper posture from sitting at school, watching TV and playing video games. Lastly, school-aged children often suffer back strain from wearing overloaded backpacks.

Teens often suffer the same strains as children, but they have the added stress from emotional and hormonal changes associated with puberty.


Chiropractors are uniquely trained to adjust during pregnancy, and while chiropractic is important at any stage in life, it is particularly beneficial for an expectant mother. During pregnancy, your center of gravity changes due to the increased weight that you are carrying, which adds stress to your spine. Regular chiropractic may relive pain, control morning sickness, and shorten and/or ease delivery.

Both Dr. Wickens and Dr. Carter have extensive training in adjusting techniques for all ages and populations.

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