If you have any type of muscle tension, stress, pain, or a sports injury, massage therapy may be right for you. Massage therapists have extensive training in injuries related to the soft tissue in your body. This includes muscle, connective tissue and ligaments. Massage therapy can increase your muscular, nervous, and circulatory systems function.

When you come to see our Registered Massage Therapists, they will complete a full assessment, a thorough treatment for the length of your choice, and can suggest exercises and stretches for you to complete at home.

For individuals coming to our office for the first time, we suggest starting with at least a 45 minute massage so the therapists can best assess your needs. Our therapists can also complete a chair massage if you feel more comfortable in the sitting position.

If you would like to set up chiropractic or another service after or before your massage, please contact our office at (613) 264-0616 and we will be happy to accommodate your request as best as we can!