Taking a Stand Against Sitting Disease

Do you sit all day busily working, only to spend your evenings sitting on your couch, watching TV and checking social media? Do you feel tired after a busy day at work? Do you feel like you keep gaining weight, but not sure how you can squeeze in time to be physically active?
Are you working from home, and find your make shift set up causing you neck or back pain?

Are you a college or university student virtually learning? Are you homeschooling your child this year? Has your child had more neck or back pain, headaches, or feeling tired lately? Have you noticed slouched posture while your child sits for hours in front of a screen learning?

Sitting disease is a modern day health epidemic associated with prolonged sitting in poor posture. According to Biswas et al. (2015), more than half of the average person’s waking hours are spent sitting. From learning or working at our desk, daily commutes, watching TV or checking social media, most of us sit a lot more than we realize. Research has shown that prolonged sitting in a poor posture can lead to chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease (Wilmot et al., 2012).

The Postural Ergonomic Solution
A postural ergonomic assessment looks at the functional, postural, brain based and environmental aspects of the every day student and worker. An active workspace, that is person focused first, and equipment focused second, is imperative to feel better and function higher.

Chiropractic Care and Longevity Center is excited to offer postural ergonomic assessments to help both students and workers in our community reduce sitting disease and prevent postural decline. Call or email to learn more about our complete (in office) and virtual assessments.

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