Shaklee 180 Program

The Shaklee 180 Program uses the quality ingredients of Shaklee products to help you reach your healthy weight. The program uses high quality shakes, meal replacements and supplements all powered by Leucine, to help you lose weight, but also retain your lean muscle to keep the weight off for good. In 180 days, the program helps you lose weight and teach you how to keep it off with proper support from the Shaklee team. Get started by purchasing this program directly from Shaklee.


ChiroThin is the number one weight loss program exclusive to Chiropractors. It uses a natural, homeopathic supplement to help you lose 20-45 pounds in six weeks, safely and effectively. It will help you get into the habit of eating proper portion sizes, and break other habits that lead you to gain weight in the first place. For more information on the program and products, please visit

After following the program for 6 weeks, Karen lost a total of 20 lbs and 15.5 inches!

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