“I have always been skeptical to try Chiropractic care. Having experienced constant pain, I decided to schedule an appointment. Within a few trips, I’ve felt a significant change. I decided to try the Shaklee Vita-Lea Gold Vitamins. I was amazed at how much better I felt physically and mentally in a only a few days. I had more energy, less pain and even felt much clearer mentally. My only regret is to have not done this years ago” – P. Roberts, Sharbot Lake ON

“I have been going to the Chiropractic Care & Longevity Center for about 8 years. In that time I have taken advantage of the chiropractic adjustments; massages; Shaklee supplements; getting one on one instruction at the on-site gym of how to exercise safely and efficiently; benefiting from the MindFit sessions; and using natural Shaklee cleaning products in my home. The staff are amazing! They are wonderful, professional and very knowledgeable.They truly care about each client’s overall wellness. It has been my pleasure to recommend my friends go the the Chiropractic Care & Longevity Center. Dr. Kathy Wickens and her staff take excellent care of their clients!”  – D. Church, Perth ON

“Everything was explained in detail. The doctor re-assured me before treatment as I was a little anxious. I was quite impressed, relaxed and at ease after treatment. I am looking forward to a positive outcome.” – L. Millar, Perth ON

“Since May 1996, I had severe back pain and with regular adjustments I am able to function normally (walk, housework, any normal activities) with no pain. I come in once a month for maintenance. I am a firm believer in chiropractic care” – E. Bowes, Perth ON

“It has allowed me to function pain free in my day to day activities. The entire staff are very pleasant, helpful and treat everyone like family. It has been an enjoyable treatment process and I highly recommend this medical establishment to everyone. You are treated efficiently and always kept informed of your progress. Dr. Carter is fantastic!” – J. Lockhart, Carleton Place, ON

“It was very thorough and easy to understand. Amazing service and staff. I am recommending everyone to come for these services and treatments.” – D. Clark, Perth ON

“I had a car accident 40 years ago, since that time I have had constant pain in my neck and shoulders. I finally decided to seek help and thanks to my practitioners I now know what the problem was. I use to eat pain pills like candy, now hardly take any. I’m getting my life back. I would also like to thank the front desk staff for going the extra mile to work things for appointments; you have a very professional staff.” – K. Hart,  Perth, ON

“First, I would like to thank Dr. Kathy Wickens and Dr. Elizabeth Carter for giving me the excellent treatments over the last few months, my life now is pain free. When someone is pain free their life changes. Life is worth getting up every day and being able to do the activities you thought you would never get to enjoy again.

I was, key word “was” skeptical of chiropractic treatments, for years. I was on and off with physio therapy but to no avail.  I just convinced maybe that I would have to adjust and live with chronic back and neck pain. However, when it began controlling me not just my body I had to fight back and get help, as I could hardly walk without pain.

Having moved to Perth a few years ago, I heard about Dr. Wickens wellness clinic, I decided to be opened minded and give it a try and go to the clinic with positivity that this was going to work. Much to my surprise, I began feeling better with each treatment. I am basically pain free. No more pain killers as they don’t work or fix, they mask the pain for a few hours and you’re back where you started in pain. All this to say the treatments were not a quick fix but a fix I have my life back and feel great. Back to doing the activities I used to enjoy, knowing I would not suffer pain for days after the activity.

Life has changed for me, and it is thanks to the team at Dr. Wickens wellness clinic. So for the doubters out there about chiropractic care, rethink, it worked for me, it will work for you. Keep the faith, you will be rewarded.

Thank god I moved to Perth, who would have guessed that a small town would have the best of Dr’s!”

– L. Millar, Perth Ontario