Back and Neck Pain

Many individuals believe that their pain will only be resolved when they hear their back crack from a manual adjustment, but at our office we offer an alternative that is gentle and we have received great results from an instrument assisted adjustment. Whether you have pain in your neck, mid back or low-back, come in for a consultation to determine whether we can help you or not. Many of our patients come in initially with pain, but realize the other added benefits that you may experience from regular chiropractic care.


Sciatica consists of pain in the back, hip and outer part of leg that is caused by an interference in the sciatic nerve coming from your low back. By having an adjustment on your low back, you may experience a decrease in symptoms. To determine whether you have sciatica or if the pain is coming from a different nerve in your low back, contact our office for a consultation with one of the doctors.

Leg Pain and Foot Pain

Just like sciatica, pain in your feet and legs can come from the nerves in your low back. When you come in for a consultation, our chiropractors can determine whether the pain is a referral from a nerve in your low back or if the source of the pain is truly located in your legs or feet. If the pain is coming from your feet or legs, you may benefit from customized orthotics, which can be determined by the doctor during your appointment. To learn more about orthotics, pleaseĀ CLICK HERE.

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