The video below explains what Brain Based Chiropractic is and how the symptoms of stress may appear.

The Brain
First we have our brain located in our skull. Then we have our Nervous System which is connected to our brain and spreads throughout our entire body through nerves that go through our spine. When we want the body to do something, such as a bodily function or action, the brain communicates to the corresponding nerve in our spine. For example, if you wanted to move your right arm to throw a ball, your brain would send a signal to the nerve that is connected to your right arm, and then your right arm would throw the ball.

But what happens when the brain is not able to communicate? We then have interference in our nervous system causing a lack of communication between the brain and body. When there is a problem between the communications, we have symptoms. Symptoms can be anything from pain, to a lack of movement, or even worse, disease. But what causes this interference? The answer is stress.

Stressors on the Body
The brain controls our entire body, from keeping our heart beating, to telling our body to have a fever to fight off infection. But what happens when the brain tells the heart to stop beating? Or our body cannot fight off infection anymore? We become stressed and symptoms occur.

Everyone has been under stress at some point in their lives, usually because of work, or relationships, or an injury. These are examples of physical and emotional stress, but did you know that there are other types of stress that we can’t see? For example, chemical stressors, such as scents from perfumes, chemicals we put on our bodies, or allergies. Then we have Electromagnetic Radiation, otherwise known as EMR stress. These are the waves transmitted all around us from things like your satellites, WIFI, cellphones, computers, etc.

How We Can Help
Unfortunately a lot of these stressors we cannot control, it’s no wonder our brain can’t communicate properly! Good thing we are here to help! You go to a dentist for your teeth and an optometrist for your eyes, but where do you ever get your nervous system checked? The chiropractor! Most people assume that a chiropractor is only there to get rid of back pain, but did you know that a chiropractic adjustment may actually reset your brain and nervous system? That’s why when you get an adjustment for your back or neck pain you may experience other benefits of an adjustment, such as better vision, better bowel and bladder function, or maybe better functioning and energy overall. This is because your brain has been reset and it can communicate again with the rest of the body!

When you come into our office, our brain based chiropractors will assess you for signs of nervous system stress. This may happen through a Stress Test, chiropractic tests, assessing your current symptoms, and/or having a consultation with one of the Doctors. From there, the Doctor can give you some options to deal with your stress by using a combination of services that are offered in our office, such as chiropractic, massage, supplements, and many more!

Keep your brain healthy. Come and get your brain checked!

What is a Stress Response Evaluation?
By using the NeuroInfiniti Computer Software, created by Dr. Richard Barwell, we can test your physiological response to stress by using a non-invasive method. Sensors will be attached to your skin to measure your response to various questions and sounds. After the evaluation is done, Dr. Wickens will analyze your results and can determine what Brain Based Wellness care is best for you!

What does the test involve?
You will be hooked up to sensors on your fingers, upper back, head, ears, and over your clothes on your stomach. These sensors are non-invasive. The computer will then go through a series of instructions for you to follow. During the testing challenges, the sensors measure how your body responds to the stressful situation and how you recover after. The test takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.

What do the results mean?
Dr. Wickens will look at the results and go over them with you during your next appointment. The test can determine whether your nervous system is Balanced, Over-Aroused, Under-Aroused, Unstable, or Exhausted. From this information, the right type of Brain Based Wellness Care will be recommended to you.

Talk to Dr. Wickens or our staff at the front desk today, to find out more about the Stress Response Evaluation testing we have in our office!


Call or come into the office today to learn more about the MindFit Sessions!

The MindFit System combines gentle pulses of light and sound with visualization and soothing music to return you to the right balance of brain wave activity. A simple 20-minute session produces the relaxation response, a state known for reversing the ravages of stress, reducing or eliminating worry and anxiety, and providing the same benefits as 3-4 hours of sleep.

1. Light Frequencies

Flashing light patterns train the brain to operate in the best mode for creativity, focus, and mindfulness. This brainwave entrainment can transform the listener into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset to accomplish just about anything.

2. Beats and Tones

Imbedded tones guide the brain into states of deep relaxation. Within minutes the brain reaches extraordinary levels of focus and performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.

3. Self Mastery Technology (SMT)

SMT helps listeners create a new self-image as a healthy, happy, optimistic person who no longer lets small things turn into stress. SMT makes sure listeners are focusing on everything they want out of life so they can have it, effortlessly!

4. Mind Relaxing Music

The music on every process is designed to create a full 360 degree experience that floods the mind with beautiful, serene thoughts and images.

MindFit Neuro-Trainer™ provides a variety of benefits such as:

  • Access a deeper meditative state without years of disciplined practice
  • Increase mental clarity of thought and develop your intuition
  • Enhance sleep so you can awaken feeling rejuvenated and energized
  • Reduce your stress, worry, frustration and irritability while achieving emotional stability, psychological balance, and mental harmony
  • Attain the right mindset to achieve your life goals
  • Over-Come bad habits, fears, and phobias
  • Significantly decrease negative self-talk and self-destructive impulses
  • Explore and expand your self esteem awareness and higher states of consciousness
  • Attract and learn how to manifest your desires
  • Enhanced concentration, memory and recall

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (613) 264-0616.