What to Expect From Your Personal Trainer

Personal trainers design customized one-on-one training programs and help motivate clients to exercise. They monitor fitness progress and are used by people who want to get in shape or stay in shape. Trainers can also be used for weight loss, rehabilitation post injury and for injury prevention. People of all ages can use a personal trainer. Trainers assess a client’s fitness and goals to make recommendations on how to improve their fitness and which exercises are best. Personal trainers ensure that their clients are using proper form when exercising and often encourage them to perform a workout that would exceed what they would do alone.

Personal Trainer Job and Education Requirements

Educational backgrounds for personal trainers vary. The minimal requirements are usually that personal trainers need to have CPR, a high school diploma, be a minimum of 18 years-old, and have completed a personal trainer course. Courses cover subjects such as exercise physiology, biology, nutrition, and other related classes. Upon completion of the course, personal trainers must pass a certification examination.

1 Person – $40.00/hour – HST $5.20
2 People Same Time – $60.00/hour – HST $7.80

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