ADD/ADHD or Other Behavioural Changes

Symptoms of ADD or ADHD may be caused by a lack of nutrients in food or from sensitivity to foods or additives. If you know someone who is experiencing symptoms, bringing them in for an assessment with one of our doctors may be beneficial. Nutritional supplements and regular chiropractic may be able to decrease or eliminate common behavioural symptoms.

Mental Illness

Individuals with mental illness may experience a decrease in symptoms with regular chiropractic care. As with many chronic illnesses, stress plays a role in which symptoms one experiences. By adjusting the nerves in the neck that communicate with the brain, many individuals have seen a decrease in symptoms related to their illness. Along with chiropractic, there are many supplements that we sell at our office that can be beneficial to one’s mental health.


Autism is a neurological and developmental disorder with signs usually starting around the age of 2. Regular chiropractic care throughout an individual’s life may assist them to cope better with their symptoms. Many parents are looking for an alternative to medications for their child and at the Chiropractic Care & Longevity Center, we offer many high-quality professional supplements that provide great results. In addition to adjustments and supplements, our office has an exciting new product called the MindFit Relaxation system. Some exciting research has shown that this system can help a child focus and become more relaxed by using it regularly. To learn more about the MindFit System, CLICK HERE

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